As Artists we all struggle with motivation, inspiration, and appreciation for our own work. Is my art good, will people like it. We get inspiration and then we do the act of creation. We turn our art free into the world to be judged and hopefully loved. People always ask me, what makes you do it? I’ve always found artist statements hard to write because a list of accomplishments and where your art is collected or sold isn’t why I am an artist or why you are an artist. In Marketing you are supposed to create a one sentence that is your Unique Selling Position – what makes the market want the thing you produce. It is very hard to write one. One day a while ago I was trying to write an artist statement about a group of images, after many hours of really boring writing, I went to sleep and in the morning I wrote the above statement. It is my artist statement in a single sentence. I’ve had a few artists ask if they could use it, and I’ve always keep it for my projects. I’ve been selfish. If this line resonates with where your art comes from then feel free to use it. I am holding the copyright but only so it will always be available for everyone to use free of charge. It is all artists I am giving this one line too, perhaps it will help someone find why they create the art they do.
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